STEP-1 is Russian manufacturer of high-tech films for various purposes.

Our products suit all the kind of modern equipment, meet almost any convertors’ demands, and offer high quality in every development step.

We produce:

breathable and non-breathable hygiene films for composed layer used in diapers, feminine hygiene products and medical drapes,

films with a twist effect (“twist films”) for confectionery industry,

polypropylene films for construction industry,

lamination and protective films.

“Modern Polymer Extrusion Technologies” is the mission of our company.

We endeavor to become the leader in Russian market with the most high-tech and bespoke specially customized films.


Company basis:

Modern high-performance equipment.

Own laboratory with up-to-date experimental and measuring devices.

A team with over 20 years of experience in the polymer processing industry.

Constant innovations in polymer processing and formulation development in order to obtain new quality characteristics.



Customers’ profit:

High quality products (100% production and output control).

Short production time for large batches of films due to high-output equipment.

Opportunity to have unique properties of films according to individual requirements specification.

High-quality customer service.       


STEP-1 is always open for innovative ideas and mutually beneficial cooperation!