STEP-1 LLC is a Russian manufacturer of a wide range of high-tech films for various purposes.

We produce breathable and non-breathable hygienic films for diapers backsheet, feminine hygiene products and disposable napkins, films with a twist effect (“twist films”) for  confectionery industry, polypropylene films for construction industry, and some other types  like lamination and protective films.


“Modern Polymer Extrusion Technologies” (In Russian it makes “STEP”) is not only the name, but also the mission of our company.


STEP-1 possesses:

Modern high-performance equipment

Own laboratory with the modern experimental and measuring instruments

A team with over than 20 year – experience in polymer processing industry

Constant innovations in polymer processing industry, formulation research in order to obtain new quality characteristics.



STEP-1 gives:

High product quality (100% production and output control)

Accurate delivery terms — including shipping to other regions

Competitive advantages (optimization in further processing, cost reduction)

The chance to give unique properties to films according to individual customer’s requirements.        


STEP-1 company is always open for new ideas and mutually beneficial cooperation!