“Breathable films”

STEP-1 ”is one of the first Russian producers of“ breathing ”films used for backsheet in hygiene products (feminine hygiene products, baby and adult diapers), in medical products (disposable clothing, sheets, diapers, etc.).

The development of the market of hygiene products makes manufacturers compete, and it is breathing films that can significantly improve the characteristics of products and bring them to the premium segment. Our recipes, technology and equipment make it possible to obtain in Siberia a quality completely analogous to European products.

Vapor-permeable PE and PP films

Designed for the production of superdiffusion membranes for construction purposes. So far, the film for this type of product has been fully imported. Today we are pleased to provide manufacturers with European-quality film at a price that excludes unnecessary customs and transportation costs.


PE film with a twist effect

They are used mainly in the confectionery industry, as well as packaging for various purposes. We provide the opportunity for high-quality fixation of the package.

PE films for lamination

We produce a wide range of films for lamination for the manufacture of flexible packaging: for freezing, bulk products, oil and fat products, mayonnaises and others. The film has excellent physical, mechanical and optical properties!

PE films for lamination

Our company is ready to develop and produce films according to your technical requirements.
General parameters of products:

Diameter of a spool of mm / inches 152; 76/6; 3
Maximum roll diameter, mm 1 000
The maximum width of a roll, mm 2500
Minimum film thickness μ 12
Maximum film thickness μ 250
The maximum number of layers 5