STEP-1 company produces high-tech films of the premium segment by blow extrusion.

This method was developed at the end of the last century, and in our century has been rapidly developing thanks to the achievements of the chemical industry and the possibilities of automation of the process.

The quality of the film produced depends to a large extent on the quality of the production equipment – in our case, it is extrusion equipment from a well-known German manufacturer.

Along with numerous patented inventions (the special structure of blowing heads, optimization of melt distribution channels, TRIO system, etc.) and a high level of automation, the production line includes a monoaxial orientation system MDO (Machine Direction Orientation).

As a result, we get:

  – minimal thickness of the films,

 – the best physico-chemical and optical properties,

  – high longitudinal tensile strength,

  – high speed extrusion.

THE WHOLE VOLUME of products undergoes scrutiny by the OTC – and this is one of the components of the success of our customers!